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Interested in Military Firearms


Then IMAS is the club for you

Whatever your interests are, we have something going on that is sure to interest you . . . Catch up with old friends and make new ones. With over 150 members in the Auckland branch, and 300 members in four North Island branches, you are bound to meet up with an old friend. And since our monthly evening meetings are an open forum, you will keep in regular touch and make plenty of new friends too.

Get expert advice on the common and the exceptional

With members of all experience levels in IMAS, from beginners to enthusiasts to acknowledged experts, you will be able to get the low-down on makes and models of firearms from all over the world throughout the last century. And because we also collect and study equipment, militaria, insignia and history, chances are someone will know the background to that mysterious item.

Selling and buying has never been so much fun
Want to buy or sell firearms, parts, magazines, ammunition, equipment, uniforms, books, militaria or memorabilia? Every evening meeting is a Swap Meet, where members bring whatever they want to sell and browse for that special something. You can leave your items for sale at our club-supervised sales table, or sit down at a table and start your own shop!

See the rare and the collectable
Each meeting also features a display competition, where members can compete in displaying their firearms and militaria collection to a specific theme which changes each month. Themes have ranged from Best Semi-Automatic Rifle to Field Hospital Equipment. Everyone who displays gets a refreshment voucher, but there can be only one winner...Keep up with the latest news
Every six weeks, our club newsletter - Incoming - will keep you up to date with club news and views, meeting and shooting calendars, upcoming gun shows, news items of interest, firearms legislation, free classifieds for our members and reprinted articles from our archives.

Shoot in Military Rifle Matches
Members of our Pistol and Rifle Club compete annually for the Sneiper Cup, which tests marksmanship skills for bolt action, semi-automatic and scoped rifles in both precision and action matches, as well as service shotguns. Teams from IMAS regularly compete in the National Championships as well as matches in Australia and South Africa.

Shoot in Military Pistol Matches
Members of our Pistol and Rifle Club compete annually for the Side Arm Shield, which tests marksmanship skills for revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Teams from IMAS regularly compete in inter-club, provincial and national pistol championships. We cater for beginners as well as experienced pistol shooters, holding monthly IPSC and ISSF matches.

Our activities include:

Collecting militaria

Owning military small arms

Swapping yarns and stories

Displaying at meetings and shows

Shooting rifles and shotguns on the range

Shooting pistols on the range

Competitive shooting at national and international events

Studying military history and technology

Buying, selling or trading interesting items